Friday, February 01, 2008

X-japan - I.V.

havent been posting in a while.
been busy haha.
i'll be back real soon.

X Japan - I.V.

Needles are piercing through my skin
I'll tell you the feeling, what it's like
Is life just all about deception?
Please don't be a part of a fairy tale
But desire
To play with my own will
Should I trade, the breath of my life, for freedom?

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

This never meant I can't sit by
They say as if it takes me somewhere
Just let me swallow this faith by injection
Like its rushing to my head, my love
I've played with this game before
To find, a piece of my true self, lost within

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

I'm feeling my pain
Do you feel where it's been?
Can you cope with history, of the world?
When it's sad part of life
Can set the shadow's fade
Forever fade away

I'm calling you dear
Can't you see me standing right here?
Life's bleeding from fear
I will give it straight from my veins

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hello world.
Its been fucken ages since I updated this blog of mine.
As usual, I was a little, or rather, very lazy to update.

Things have been rather hectic for me lately.
I'm feeling a lot of heat from my work.
I wonder if its me or what.
I'm just feeling the blues. jaded. etc etc etc.
Feeling emo sometimes.
Me mates point out the problem could be due to the fact that I've actually stopped smoking.
Not completely though.
I did went without cigarettes.
But with friends like these who offer me a cigarette everytime I see them.
Its hard. But can be done.
I don't know how long I can last. But I'll try.

It struck to me about the bads of smoking.
Kudos to Kevin. Who describe with great detail of the smoker's lungs. After his trip to bodyworks exibition.
And a friend's uncle. Who got hitted by stroke and is paralyzed. Struggling for the past 10 years in & out of hospital.
Economically, its unsustainable. 50% of my reason.
Another 50% was health problems.
It was a higher chance of getting stroke.
If hitted. I'll be dead.
Death is fine.
Whats bad is what if you don't die?
I don't want to be a burden to anyone in my life.

note: vicious mandy wants me to update my blog more often. As she does so pretty often too.

I met Kia Keong today.
He's a friend of our group since my secondary school days.
But he had some problems with some of us.
Some lan jiao problems lah.
That was a few years back. He went missing after that till today.
Its great to see him once again. He had this very bad mouth that always got him, & us into a lot of trouble back then.
But, let bygones be bygones.
He's still a friend after all that.
Afterall, we had the fate to know each other. No point holding grudges.
I'm happy the group thinks alike.
He has 2 kids already. Married.
Eldest is 3 years old. Liu Kai Le.
2nd one is 1.5 years old. Liu Ya Hsuan.
Nice names uh.
It makes me realise, how time flies.
8-9 years ago. We were talking about where to go "tonight".
Now, we(not including me) talking about children's education la, etc etc.
Everyone's getting married. Having children. Facing the problems of the modern society. The threat of inflation.
Gone were the days of xian charbor. chuey tai chi. pit tiu. Dumb. But it was great times.
Oh, when we were young.

Global Gathering is next week.
Shall be travelling up north.
Sander van doorn! Marcel Woods! Layo & Buswacka! Simian Mobile Disco!
Will post the review, and pictures if I have.

My top 10 tracks currently
Pedro Delgado - Desperado
Sander van Doorn - Riff
BK & Ali Wilson - London Rock
Lock & Load - Who Else Could It Be (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix)
Splittr - All Alone
Valentino Kanzyani - Paradox
Tom Wax & Boris Alexander - Wake ups (boris alexander mix)
Way Out West - The falls (Bedrock Remix)
Axel Karakasis - Madness
Bedrock - Heaven Scent

A mixture of new & old tracks, for my new mix. Watch it!

Funniest Seinfield Episode ever!!

Absolutely digging
X-Japan - Art of Life
Part 1 of 4
Follow the link to watch the rest of the parts.
Great music arrangement.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

一人一半 (881)

演唱: 伍家辉 云美鑫
词: 小寒曲: 范俊福

一人一半 感情不散
一人一素故 感情才会久

时光累积 安静的泪滴
一心去追 爱那么可贵

这样的人 这样地等无
非是 等个回应眼神
为爱反滚 不及伤痕

这样的人 别笑我蠢
傻傻的 心痛也不觉疼
就算天冷 就算难残忍

一人一半 感情不散
已经找到爱 为何要离开

已经找到爱 为何要离开

Friday, September 07, 2007

Time has come

Hello world.

Well, its time for a update ain't it?

Results are out!!!
Finally!!! after 3 long months of waiting, it was finally out.
Well, I cleared all my subjects, but not to my expectations. Which actually is kind of fucked up.
I was disappointed in myself, as in, the people which I taught for certain subjects when we were studying together scored better then me. I mean, whats going on with me?
I'm not trying to sound proud or what but, I considered the effort I put in for the year, and this is the result I get. You may fail or whatever and say I'm speaking bullshite but hey, for that amount of effort that I've input, I don't deserve that grade.
But look on the brightside, Its all foundation units and getting 2As for 2 foundation units only equates to 1 A on the degree. Well, try harder.
I shall remember this feeling, hopefully it'll spur me on next year.

I'm starting work already, as mentioned in my previous posts.
I'm currently working as a financial advisor representing Prudential. So if you guys wanna do some savings or cover your life, look for me :)
Why this line?
Its a work experience thats relevant to what I'm currently pursuing. Banking & Finance.
I believe that if I can sell insurance, I can sell anything. Its defnitely better then working my ass off in some retail shop. And I possess the relevant papers to work as banker. Except for the ChFP paper which I hope to take real soon.
I'm 2 years behind my peers of my age in society already. If I do not get a relevant job experience soon, how can I compete with the younger guys graduating at the same time as me?

I'm intending to take up another language soon. Most probably french. Nothing special. I like that language, and on the other hand, I wanna boost my resume.

Great news for the month is that LUNA SEA is having a concert. After so many fucking years, finally they're going to be back on stage together.
I can't go, because its in Japan. I hope they come up with an album for those who don't stay in Japan.

I've also booked my accomodation and tickets for Global Gathering in Malacca. We've got the villa, with 3-4 private rooms. And the best is, personal swimming pool. WOOOO!!
Time to get that tan back in my skin!

I'm scheduled to do a mixtape soon. Hopefully it'll be heard by the right ears. And something good might turn out.
3rd October. Watch this date.


one of my favourite concerts

From the album 'LUNA SEA'

From the album 'Mother'

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Juventus: Back With A Vengeance

Juventus: Back With A Vengeance
With just under two months remaining until the commencement of the 2007/08 Serie A season, and with the transfer window coming to a close, clubs all around Europe are putting the finishing touches to their squads for the upcoming season.

Italian champions Juventus, who found themselves competing in Italy’s second division last season due to a match-fixing scandal, have been a major focus in Italy: most Calcio fans - friends and foes - are intrigued as to how competitive they will be this season.

Having lost the likes of Cannavaro, Zambrotta, Emerson, Thuram, Ibrahimovic and Viera following their demotion to Serie B, Juventus clearly are a much weaker outfit than they were when they last played in the Serie A.

However with a new manager, new faces, and a good mix of young and older players, Juventus seem destined for success in the forthcoming season. Of course, suceess is subjective for them at the moment.

It is good for Calcio to have Juventus, along with Genoa and Napoli, back in Italy’s top-flight competition. Juve are a team who has always been known for their depth, quality and endeavor to succeed - the reasons behind them being so successful over their history!

With new manager Claudio Ranieri, fresh from a respectable 12th position with a struggling Parma side, the future looks bright for the Bianconeri. Any team in Europe would be affected by the loss of such a quality defence including Cannavaro, Zambrotta and Thuram.

However due to the fact that, along with losing their entire defence and various others, Juventus were relegated to Serie B, strengthening their squad whilst in the second division was not on Juve’s agenda. Promotion back to Serie A was their desired objective, and now that this objective has been achieved, Juventus have commenced re-strengthening their somewhat depleted squad.

Although this new “rebuilt” squad went down to Newcastle and Hamburg, and then scraped a draw against Sunderland before a mixed display against Inter Milan and Napoli, there have been signs that it might all be coming together. Roma proved to be the punching bags over the weekend, as Ranieri's boys hit five.

Suddenly, the team that was being called "spineless" has a formidable look to it. With more time, they will work even better as a team, so there is only one way things can go from here: onwards and upwards.

Juve have made some crucial signings over the summer, signing Grygera from Ajax, Andrade from Deportivo La Coruna, Salihamidzic from Bayern Munich, Almiron from Empoli, Tiago from Lyon and Iaquinta from Udinese, just to name a few. And when you add these names to the likes of Del Piero, Buffon, Camoranesi, Nedved, Chiellini and Trezeguet, there is no reason why Juventus won’t be able to compete with Inter Milan, Milan and to a lesser extent Roma, over a full season.

The likes of Grygera, Chiellini and Andrade will hopefully form the basis of the new Juve defence, and with Gigi Buffon between the sticks, it coud be a formidable defence given some time. The midfield has always been a major strength in the past, and with recent signings Tiago, Almiron and Salihamidzic, joining a World Champion in Camoranesi and the recently retired Czech international captain Nedved, Juventus most definitely will be able to compete with the better midfields in Italy.

With Del Piero and Trezeguet remaining loyal to the club, the attack is the only area in which Juventus have not been weakened. However, the signing of Iaquinta provides the Bianconeri with three world class options to play up front, something that really marks the world's top clubs. Then they also have quality cover in the form of Zalayeta and Palladino.

With a master-tactician in Claudio Ranieri and numerous influential new signings, Juventus have all that is required to be a successful football club.

The future is looking good, but there will be a few slips, and the fans will have to be patient so as to not turn on their players and coach every time it happens. How long it takes them to recapture the form required to win a Scudetto still remains unanswered, but it could well be a lot sooner than their rivals would like.
Global Gathering's Line Up.
Anyone wanna go!??

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long Time No See

Hello world.

It actually took me sometime to actually get off to update my blog.
getting a little lazy to update but then again, here am i.

Since my exams finished, I've been a little tad occupied with stuffs to which I deem as important to my ownself.

I was in China and HK during the second week of the month. Took some pictures, thought I might wanna share some of them.
I've uploaded some of them, not all, to Flickr, you can follow the link HERE

Well the trip was great. It was really an eye opener for me. Not to mention I bought a hell lot of stuffs in Hongkong. China isn't that bad, except for the spelling mistakes aplenty that makes your day and the regular spitting sound you can hear along the streets.
The food there was fantastic, my relatives are cool and friendly people. It was nice meeting them for the first time in my life. Every meal in China was around 8-9 course. In which I came back with a little bulge haha.
Meals were at restaurants 100% of the time and the best part was you can smoke at the table as you eat. I love it haha!

Hongkong was a blast. I made my way to most of the famous shops around in Hongkong. I was a little disappointed about the FIL & SillyThing boutique, as it was almost empty. Everything was snapped up by the resellers. Look on the bright side, I did got some stuff from UC. It was so fucking out of the way, as the shop was located in ChaiWan, which is like erm, going to Pasir Ris if you're a tourist staying in the town area.
Overall I really enjoyed the trip. Looking forward to my next time there but too bad my next destination is going to be either Taiwan again or Australia.

The next good thing that happened was the Sander van Doorn gig at ZOUK during June. One of my favourite DJ & producer. And he did not disappoint. The night was terrific! Its been a long time since I dance from 3am to 6am. The music was so damn good and pounding all the way till 6 in the morning.
Definitely my vote for gig of the year!!!

Yesterday 2 good friends of mine tied the knot, Alyssa & Scott. Alias Mr & Mrs Ng now lol.
Seeing your friends tying the knot is a really fresh feeling.
A feeling that I've begun to experience alot since I finished my national service.
Its a really good feeling. And I'm really happy to see my friends, settling down.
And feeling happy that they've found the other half to continue the remaing part of the journey.

January was Bryan.
April was Suresh.
Yesterday was Scott & Alyssa.
This coming sunday is Farid.
September is going to be Guoliang & Joey.
whats this? a race? LOL!

I've been busy trying to get my touch on mixing back recently, hopefully I'll be able to come up with a demo mix or what in the next week.
But I just don't like my CDJs. The pitch doesn't hold, or is it me? I don't seem to have such a problem with vinyls.
Or maybe its because I have a pair of lousy CDJs.
Maybe its time to upgrade. But its going to cost me 1 hell of a bomb.

October 27th is Global Gathering at the A'famosa resort in Melaka, Malaysia. Line up is yet to be confirmed. Its going to be released this coming 8th August. Anyone wanna go?

My Current hit list, a mix of old and new stuff.
Abel Ramos - Aquarius (Randy katana dubdown remix)
Abel Ramos - Atasco (Randy Katana remix)
Agoria - Radio City
Agoria - Sofa
A Paul - bang
Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Greg downey remix)
Wink - Higher state (Marco V remix)
Paul van dyk feat Jessica Sutta - White Lies (LA mix)
Divini & Warning - Chaib
Divini & Warning - Otrabanda
Dave Robertson & John Gurd Pres The Rendition - Our Execution
DJ Preach - Oxygen (Eric Sneo beatdisaster's remix)
Splitscreen - Boomblasta
D.Ramirez & Mark Knight - Columbian Soul
Marcel Woods - 3 Stortion
Rex Mundi - Perspective

and plenty of Mojado stuffs.

Friday, July 06, 2007


When one person's addiction to a certain substance gets too strong.
They usually result in very fierce reactions.

Brandon Conceicao says:
cheebye !!!!!!

残 zann 韓旭光 says:

Brandon Conceicao says:
somemone stole my iced lemon tea from the fridge

Brandon Conceicao says:

残 zann 韓旭光 says:

Brandon Conceicao says:
im gonna make a police report lor

Brandon Conceicao says:

残 zann 韓旭光 says:

残 zann 韓旭光 says:
classic dialogue

Brandon Conceicao says:
make sure life inprisonment